Well a little about me I am a Movie buff, Anime fan, Political Junkie, Science geek, Skeptic, History buff, Gadget Guru, US Navy Veteran, College graduate, Married.

A bit about my politics, well I am what used to be called a centrist. I was a right of center Republican and often voted for GOP candidates, my first President I voted for was George Bush, the first one. I was happy being a fiscal centrist and a social libertarian until about 1995 when the Congress played politic games with our country, a few short years later, impeaching a sitting President over a blow job. Before the 1980s the GOP was a party of the people it was about true tax fairness, true civil rights and not a party of military intervention. After impeachment and till about 2004 I tended to vote Democrat or Libertarian, no Republican got my vote. I would have voted for McCain in 2000, though. So after my angry period I looked at the issues very carefully and found myself still not able to vote for a Republican. In 2008 I left the Republican party and went independent and vote based on the facts. I am not Anti-Corporate or Anti-Government, though I do find myself at odds sometimes with these. I listen to science and reason and not hype. So that about explains me as much as I can. Oh, you noticed I don’t really talk about education, my job, my bank statement…You are very observant well there is a reason, we put too much emphasis on these things, my work and formal education are not me my actions and words are, all too often, particularly conservatives make your check book the measure of your value in a debate. Arguments should be based on the merits and the evidence, not your background. Often I hear attacks stating that only a business owner or land owner can know risk and so on. So to avoid all of that I just don’t mention it. With education people often infer themselves as credible experts on a subject to appear to win debates, without actually debating, this is known as the argument from authority fallacy, so again I leave that out of my background, I am a blogger check my facts for real and don’t attempt to undermine the debate by inferring your background, a background that  that just happens to match what we are talking about. We can’t prove these claims of being a rich business owner, that is an expert in what your arguing about so don’t try and sell it to me. Post facts and let that stand. Well i think this covers it all, enjoy.