Can we force welfare recipients to eat what we demand?

by drostdavid

I hear conservatives tell me they see poor people on welfare buying steaks and lobsters and that we should ban or control poor people from being able to buy these items cause it is their tax money.
Couple of issues I have.
One, I cannot find a constitutional basis for this.
Deciding what food they must eat and drug testing violate the 4th amendment and maybe the 1st amendment as well. It restricts how people can express themselves in meal selection and enforcing this would also bring up the question of illegal invasion of privacy. Or does a conservative suggest that if you get welfare you have no rights?
Two, is this even an issue?
I hear all the time “I saw someone do X with food stamps” and “I saw someone on welfare buying X” but the problem is this is anecdotal at best, lies at worst. I cannot see any information outside of dubious right wing blogs to support this claim. While I am sure any of those statements can be true at some level or at sometime there just is no proof of a systemic issue.
How do you enforce these rules?
Food police? Citizen reporting? Forcing grocery stores to police this? Conservatives love to create solutions to minor problems, but never think of how to actually implement these policies. All these measure cost money. Food police need to be paid, citizen reporting is not efficient and can be abused easy. Forcing grocery stores to self police requires either an honor system which there is no motive to follow (A sale is a sale after all) and enforcing it requires again a food police force which those inspectors need to be paid.
It violates tax payer rights!
It does? ok which right is violated by a welfare recipient buying a steak? which amendment? As far as I can see there is no right violated by a poor person even buying drugs with welfare money, they would be breaking a law. The only thing that you have a right to is knowing where tax dollars go…those tax dollars goto aid for the poor, check point met you now know and your rights are no longer being violated.
Where does this end?
Can a poor person own a gun? Can a poor person have a cell phone? How poor do we need to demand by law poor people look before we treat them like people? I always find this outrage so vial cause it implies that if you get tax money you are a slave or somehow less a person. It disgusts me to think of how quickly these conservatives move to making second class citizens out of poor people cause they hate the poor.