Great news on fossil fuels?

by drostdavid

From a Facebook user to me.
Well random user here are my thoughts
I don’t really care for a few reasons.
1. All fossil fuels are limited in supply, some can run out in as little as 30 years, and most under 200 years at current consumption and at the kinds of traditional costs.
2. They pollute, you can’t make them 100% clean period. So you have to play trade off. Efficiency goes down as you limit pollution so you can only go so far.
3. If we build out a renewable long term replacement starting now, as we progress we will need these fuels less and less and they will last longer for what ever uses we need.
4. Fossil fuel pricing is unpredictable and therefor unstable to center an economy around.
5. Climate change, it is real and it is happening. I care about tomorrow.
The sooner we move from Fossil fuels the more advance our other generation system will get sooner.