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Man of the people?

Only in the Republican party can a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, lived a fast, wild, extravagant, has a picture of his family in his gold plated living room is mistaken for a man of the people. This alleged president has never had to work a day in his life, he never struggled with a food budget, or wondering how he will pay his bills at the end of that day. Trump is a man who doesn’t even see bills he has people to deal with that.
But somehow he is in touch with the struggling worker and knows what is best for them.

Yes Rep. Gowdy I can answer

WATCH Trey Gowdy EVISCERATE Liberal Over Gun Control And Due Process


I can think of one. Speech, we can have money drown our speech, we can have you restrict our access to you to speak, our time to speak and our location, if we treated the 2nd amendment like the 1st we’d have universal checks and insurance and liability and accountability.

Don’t believe me try and stage a rally in the halls of congress, the supreme court, or your local city hall without having to go through a permit process.

Try telling me when you have an issue with a corporation that you can speedily regress your issue in court and avoid arbitration.

Or when a cop pulls over someone and just searches your car.

Sorry whatever liberal could not answer you but we the people sure can.

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Can we force welfare recipients to eat what we demand?

I hear conservatives tell me they see poor people on welfare buying steaks and lobsters and that we should ban or control poor people from being able to buy these items cause it is their tax money.
Couple of issues I have.
One, I cannot find a constitutional basis for this.
Deciding what food they must eat and drug testing violate the 4th amendment and maybe the 1st amendment as well. It restricts how people can express themselves in meal selection and enforcing this would also bring up the question of illegal invasion of privacy. Or does a conservative suggest that if you get welfare you have no rights?
Two, is this even an issue?
I hear all the time “I saw someone do X with food stamps” and “I saw someone on welfare buying X” but the problem is this is anecdotal at best, lies at worst. I cannot see any information outside of dubious right wing blogs to support this claim. While I am sure any of those statements can be true at some level or at sometime there just is no proof of a systemic issue.
How do you enforce these rules?
Food police? Citizen reporting? Forcing grocery stores to police this? Conservatives love to create solutions to minor problems, but never think of how to actually implement these policies. All these measure cost money. Food police need to be paid, citizen reporting is not efficient and can be abused easy. Forcing grocery stores to self police requires either an honor system which there is no motive to follow (A sale is a sale after all) and enforcing it requires again a food police force which those inspectors need to be paid.
It violates tax payer rights!
It does? ok which right is violated by a welfare recipient buying a steak? which amendment? As far as I can see there is no right violated by a poor person even buying drugs with welfare money, they would be breaking a law. The only thing that you have a right to is knowing where tax dollars go…those tax dollars goto aid for the poor, check point met you now know and your rights are no longer being violated.
Where does this end?
Can a poor person own a gun? Can a poor person have a cell phone? How poor do we need to demand by law poor people look before we treat them like people? I always find this outrage so vial cause it implies that if you get tax money you are a slave or somehow less a person. It disgusts me to think of how quickly these conservatives move to making second class citizens out of poor people cause they hate the poor.

Screams From the Center post!



So it seems my troll is not gone but thinks I can respond when he blocks me which I can’t except like this. So Jody if you are going to spam me with your propaganda articles on how awesome coal is, have the courtesy to unblock so I can respond, or just stop please do the latter.
So he sends me this blog post linked to a paper self published by “friends of science” a Calgary group getting donations from energy companies and investors in energy companies, so already two flags…self publishing is not peer review and funding from a special interest group about the topic they are related too directly.
Here is a link to the actual paper instead of the blog post, which are the same site by the way (Another flag is non-peer reviewed papers are usually easy to get and actual scientific papers properly reviewed tend to be behind pay walls, though this is not 100% way to judge)
So in the summary it assumes we cannot decrease costs nor can we increase production to over come some of the points raised. Here are the number of cars produced in two time periods.
1916 – 1.6 million cars and trucks
2016 – 70 million cars and trucks
So the thought that we can’t find more efficient and cheaper ways to expand solar and wind is nonsense.
As for costs here is the price of cars over 100 years and household income
1915 – $46,879 inflation adjusted care price
1915 – $16,063 inflation adjusted average household income
2015 – $31,252
2015 – $53,046 average household income
So as we see not only did the production ability go up, but costs went down and incomes are up, so the idea of this being expense and impossible to build are just unfounded, cause we aren’t and no one is suggesting trying to replace all this in the next 5 years, which would likely be improbable.
Anyhow Greenpeace did a post on this and a few other myths with sourcing added and here that is I suggest you look into this as well.

Great news on fossil fuels?

From a Facebook user to me.
Well random user here are my thoughts
I don’t really care for a few reasons.
1. All fossil fuels are limited in supply, some can run out in as little as 30 years, and most under 200 years at current consumption and at the kinds of traditional costs.
2. They pollute, you can’t make them 100% clean period. So you have to play trade off. Efficiency goes down as you limit pollution so you can only go so far.
3. If we build out a renewable long term replacement starting now, as we progress we will need these fuels less and less and they will last longer for what ever uses we need.
4. Fossil fuel pricing is unpredictable and therefor unstable to center an economy around.
5. Climate change, it is real and it is happening. I care about tomorrow.
The sooner we move from Fossil fuels the more advance our other generation system will get sooner.